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CRM Appointments [Notion Template]

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The ultimate solution for effortlessly managing your client appointments πŸ“…. This template makes scheduling appointments a breeze.

With CRM Appointments, you can easily associate appointments with the appropriate staff memberπŸ‘€, ensuring everyone stays organised and on track πŸ‘Œ. Plus, the user-friendly interface makes it easy to view upcoming appointments, manage client information and keep track of important details.

Databases included

  • Appointments
  • Types of services
  • Customers
  • Staff
  • Tasks

For whom?

Ideal for any professional or business that needs to manage their appointments, such as hair salons, beauty salons, barber shops, tattoo studios, car wash and detailing professionals, therapists, psychologists and more.


  • Drop-down menu that contains the options to navigate to the different databases and the quick action buttons.
  • The dashboard views are within the toggles. You can customize which views you want to see and keep them expanded.
  • If you have more than 1 employee in your company, you can assign the work appointments to the corresponding employee.
  • On the staff member's page, you will see a "Monthly Calendar" view of the appointments that are assigned to the staff member.
  • In the "Types of services" database you can create the different types of services you offer and the estimated time πŸ•— for each of them. When you create an appointment for this type of service, the end time of the appointment is automatically calculated.
  • On the Customer page, you can see a summary of the customer's pending and completed appointments. You can also create appointments from both the client and employee pages.
  • Also included is a database of tasks so that you don't forget any task that needs to be done, for example: place an order, call a supplier, call a customer, etc.


1) How I will receive the template?

After purchasing, open the template link. Click "Duplicate" in the upper right corner to duplicate the template into your workspace.

2) Can I personalize my template?

You are free to modify whatever you want

3) How do I learn how to use Notion?

You can learn over Notion Academy

4) Can I share this template?

No. Resale, distribution or sharing with others is not allowed.

Purchasing the template only grants you 1 license for personal and/or professional use. This means that only you can share this template with your internal team if you are in the same workspace, but you cannot share it with with third parties.

5) How are the template updates handled?

In Notion, updates are not automatically distributed to the duplicated templates, because when you duplicate a template, it becomes "independent" and thus disconnected from the original template.

The changes made to the original template are described in the changelog.

The next step is to implement the changes manually. Users can download a copy of the new version, use the new template as an example, and modify the aspects they wish to implement in their template.

6) Do you have a refund policy?

No. Due to the digital nature of the template, I can't refund your purchase.

7) Questions and Feedback: If you have any feedback or questions about this template you can email me at:

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CRM Appointments

Notion Template

CRM Appointments [Notion Template]

0 ratings
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