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Saving Goals [Notion Template]

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This Notion template makes it easy to set specific goals and track your progress.


  • Savings Goals: Set your savings goals: target amount, deadline, and choose your savings plan (daily, weekly, or monthly), and this template will calculate how much you need to save to reach your goal on time.
  • Log: Keep track of all your savings in relation to your goals. To speed up your work, it is recommended that you create recurring templates in this database. For example, if you have a weekly savings plan for the goal 'Buy a new laptop', create a pre-filled template in the 'Log' database with the recurrence 'Weekly'. Only savings with the "Done" box checked will be computed.

Start achieving your savings goals today!


  • The template includes a help section.
  • It also includes sample data for you to explore and test.


1) How I will receive the template?

After purchasing, open the template link. Click "Duplicate" in the upper right corner to duplicate the template into your workspace.

2) Can I personalize my template?

You are free to modify whatever you want

3) How do I learn how to use Notion?
You can learn over Notion Academy

4) Can I share this template?

No. Resale, distribution or sharing with others is not allowed.

Purchasing the template only grants you 1 license for personal use.

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Saving Goals

Notion Template


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Saving Goals [Notion Template]

4 ratings
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